Short and Sweet Hello

Ah, the birth of a new blog.  Always exciting…you hope.  However, there’s no shortage of blogs dedicated to the career driven female, so why have another?  Because this one will be different than most.  You know those blogs that tell you which Jimmy Choos go well with the snazzy new suit from Bloomingdale’s?  And the one with great personal finance advice…if you were making close to 6 figures annually (don’t get me wrong, I’m all about some PF)?  Well, this one will be different than those.  Why?  Well…because I’m not quite there yet in my career, and while I hope to be someday, some of it just doesn’t apply to me…yet.  And I’m pretty sure there are a lot more hardworking, lovely ladies like me out there.

So, this will be more of an “everyday woman” career blog.  For those just starting out or have been workforce veterans for a few years now.  Join me for the ride, and watch out for construction.  This is still a work in progress.


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